Ep.3 - Potty Mouth

This week on Mashugana, the FunkeyMonkeys have got...Bubbles!  Tongue Twisters!  And yes,  a good amount of poop talk.  And the story of how a boy named Kayden earned how to use the potty.   WARNING:   It might be considered inappropriate by some parents.

Featured Songs:   Bubbles,  Claw Foot Boogie (unfinished),  Don’t Poopy In Your Pants,  Miss Sue From Alabama

Ep. 1 - What Should We Call This Podcast?

The FunkeyMonkeys Are Starting A Podcast.  But what should we call it?  We sing out some ideas,  eat a snack of banana bread (trying not to gross everyone out with our chewing).  Also,  Monkey Carey's son Benjamin is our guest,  and we learn about his passion for Chess, even though he's only five.  And more....

Featured Songs:   Copy Cat (Instrumental),  This Is The Bass,  When Are We Gonna Be There,  Itsy Bitsy Spider As A Question (Improvised)