New Singles - The latest 3, epic productions from the FunkeyMonkeys studio.  

The Mustache album.  It's gettin kind of hairy!!! The latest CD from the FunkeyMonkeys takes it to a whole new level. We’re all growing up. And on MUSTACHE, the FunkeyMonkeys first confront sticky situations like learning to swim, getting stuck in traffic, and why sweet cupcakes can be bad for you. Ah, the mysteries of life. Featuring FunkeyMonkeys Horns, Stuart ‘Froggy’ Bogie (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine)and Eric Biondo, (Davey Jones, the Monkees). The first FunkeyMonkeys CD to be recorded at the new FM studio, ‘The Playground., in Brooklyn.  Great for kids ages 3-9, and 10-99


Tastes Like Chicken Featuring 15 original & soon-to-be-classic songs such as Dolly, Ribbit Ribbit, Hello Happy, and Goodbye Blankie, along with 3 old favorites: You are My Sunshine and Mary Had a Little Lamb done up in a New Orleans Brass Funk, and the Free To Be, You And Me classic When We Grow Up featuring the Bananas Kids Chorus. Very diverse and eclectic. Everyone in the family will have their own favorite song on this CD, too! Great for kids ages 3-7


Jewish FunkeyMonkeys In the proud spirit of Seinfeld, Fiddler on the Roof, the Ten Commandments, and bagels , the FunkeyMonkeys (who are 75% Jewish) bring us this ode to the Jewish people in the form of cover songs from all of the Jewish map, seriously funked up behind a messianic children's chorus of delight including Funky Fiddler on the Roof, Hip Hop Hatikva, and Reggae Ma Nish Tanah. You don't have to be Jewish to appreciate it!   


FunkeyMonkeys Live In Concert!   Recorded live at Makor in NYC,  November 2005.   Experience the FunkeyMonkeys in all of their spontaneous madness live on stage.


Sing Dance and Underpants The 2nd album from the FunkeyMonkeys!  features 17 original songs which range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Many styles and moods are reflected on this CD. There's a song in Spanish, a Tibetan monkey Folktune, and even a song in Gibberish. This is the White Album of children's CDs. Great for kids ages 2-7.


FunkeyMonkeys en Español - EP Recorded on location in Mexico City and featuring the ultra-talented Dominguez sisters on vocals, FunkeyMonkeys en Español consists of 5 classic Spanish language children's songs re-imagined in the singular FunkeyMonkeys style. 


Jewish 'Til You're Satisfied The follow up to the enormously popular JEWISH FUNKEYMONKEYS, and featuring 17 ridiculously spirited, eclectic and electric arrangements of classic Jewish songs...from Disco Dayenu to Afrobeat Esa Enai, JEWISH 'TIL YOU'RE SATISFIED will incite ecstasy. Funky Fiddler on the Roof is represented in the form of a classic soul Sunrise Sunset. There's 70's Israeli folk gold like Hallelujah (Sing A Song) & Salaam to Old Timey Black Spirituals Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho and Let My People Go. Plus, holiday favorites I Have A Little Dreidel, Hanukkah O Hannukah and many more. You don't have to be Jewish to love it,  and if you are, you might not! :)  For all ages.


FunkeyMonkeys!  The one that started it all.  This 1st FunkeyMonkeys album is a studio creation that pre-dates the live band, and consists of classic children's covers arranged in the FunkeyMonkeys style, and featuring a chorus of broadway kids, and boots the monkey (harrison chad) from Dora the explorer.   Recommended for young children,ages 2-5,